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Experience and learn what a professional trainer can do for you through Hot Springs only Professional Training Organization.
Hot Springs Health and Fitness is offering 2 FREE Training Sessions to any member who has never experienced personal training before.
Come see how a certified professional can take your fitness to the NEXT LEVEL!!


Group Fitness Instructor

Cheryl Kirksey


Group Fitness Instructor

Amy Guresky


Brett Taunton

20 30 Fast Track

After finding out about 20 30 Fast Track, the Executive Producer for Fitness Insider, a television show aired on the Oxygen Channel, says, “20 30 Fast Track is the BEST kept secret in weight loss.”

Stop dieting! Start a lifestyle that will keep you thin and healthy...

Thin&Healthy is a comprehensive program that makes weight loss simple. Through an easy to follow lifestyle program, you will lose 2 to 7 pounds per week! It's safe, effective and fun, and there is even a program for kids.

You have access to one-on-one coaching! You will get a food coach, an exercise coach, and a motivational coach, all in one place.

The Total Solution works with any schedule or any lifestyle. You can eat in or eat out!

No other weight management or fitness program offers the three components 20 30 Fast Track offers. Healthy Foods Education® teaches people how to eat their favorite foods and lose weight. That is unique and great news, since we love our pizza, chips and brownies. But it’s not what makes 20 30 Fast Track stand out. Metabolism Retraining® teaches people how to fall in love with exercise. Even those who’ve never liked fitness discover how easy it is to increase their metabolic rate with movement. That is unique, but not what makes 20 30 Fast Track stand out. What makes this program stand out is Life Success® which gives each member the inspiration, education and tools needed in order to tap into the motivation and determination that lie within them, thus they achieve their goal.

Donna Krech, CEO and founder of 20 30 Fast Track, “Permanent weight loss is not about the food! It’s about the motivation. We focus on teaching our members how to maintain their motivation. Anyone can lose weight, but 97% of Americans that lose weight gain it right back, which is where we come in and change the standards.”

For more information visit the 20 30 Fast Track website or to interact with other members here in Hot Springs, visit our Facebook fan page here.

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