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Basketball Clinics

David H. Thigpen Ed. D. is a veteran teacher/coach from Arkadelphia. “Dr. Thig” currently serves as the Senior Associate Athletic Director at Henderson State University. In the past, David has coached from Division I to the Recreational level of Men’s and Women’s basketball.

As a coach, Dr. Thig loves teaching fundamentals for the game of basketball. Even after getting out of full-time coaching David has been involved with youth basketball clinics that specialize in Shooting and Fundamental Skills with the boys and girls of Southwest Arkansas.

Dr. Thig’s philosophy of working with youth basketball skills development is simple... Teach the fundamentals of the game in a simple and fun step-by-step process. Allow the student to repeat and practice the fundamental skills in a supportive environment. Encourage perfect practice on their own at home and continue to the learning process in every teaching session.

Dr. Thig understands that there are many ways to teach fundamental basketball skills. These sessions are not designed to take the place of any school team or question the coaching technique of any school coach. These sessions are supplemental in design to help those students who wish to move forward at an advanced learning pace.

Dr. Thig will use a variety of teaching tools and supplemental materials to reach the current maximum potential of each student. An individual teaching plan will be discussed and implemented for every student’s personal growth in these sessions.

We are excited about the possibilities of this program. Call today to get information for your basketball athlete. Remember our motto… 100% effort, 100% of the time!